Your vote: Most likely to disappoint

In our most recent Big East poll, I asked you to vote for the team most likely to disappoint in 2012.

The poll turned out to be the most popular one yet, so thanks to everybody who cast a vote. It was an incredibly close, race, too. But with over 2,800 votes case, the winner: Pitt, with 30 percent of the vote. USF was a close second, at 26 percent. Rutgers came in third with 21 percent, and Louisville next with 20 percent.

I found the results to be quite interesting, when you consider Pitt also was the winner in the poll asking for your vote on the team most likely to surprise in 2012. So is Pitt going to surprise (you say yes!) or disappoint (also a yes!) in 2012? Goes back to what I have been saying for the last few months now. Pitt could either be really good. Or really bad in 2012. Nobody has a good enough grip on the team to come to a consensus conclusion, because of so many unknown factors (Ray Graham health, new head coach, revamped D).

Now here is a little of what you had to say:

LuvDubVU writes: I am just not sold on (Teddy) Bridgewater yet. He looks to have a bright future under a good coach, but I personally did not think has was that sensational last year. I think this is BJ Daniels' year.

Breedwell writes: I half expect Louisville to disappoint, and I'm incredibly optimistic about USF, so I picked Louie.

8mac22 writes: Rutgers. I've been saying this the whole summer. Losing their coach is going to hurt. A lot. They couldn't even get a quality replacement. They had to settle on an assistant.

BradentonBull writes: UL in my opinion. They're future is brightest the next couple years. They're still a very young team. Bridgewater could have the infamous sophomore slump. They have high expectations on them right now for such a young team that only went 7-5 last year.

Crimson knights writes: Torn between USF and Pitt, but picked USF. The hype they are getting this year is more than usual.

Mountaineer140 writes: I'd have to go with USF just because it seems to be them every year. They always have a lot of talent and run through their nonconference schedule flawless but always fizzle out in conference play. Maybe this year will be different for the Bulls though.

RayRayNJ writes: We can't be really disappointed with USF if the same thing happens year after year. While I have high hopes for them, the reality is they might fall again. I guess they would have to have a good year and then fail the following year to be disappointed with them. So I went with Louisville since they are picked to win this year.

Vinmantoo writes: I voted for Pitt. Like Rutgers, Pitt has a new head coach, but one difference is that Chryst will be dramatically altering their offensive system. Add the to the fact that Graham is coming back from a serious knee injury and (Tino) Sunseri was horrid after Graham went down.

GMEN525 writes: Since USF has regularly disappointed, they essentially can't disappoint if they do it again. So I went with Louisville.