Your vote: Big East Offensive POY

Time to check in on how you voted in one of my most recent polls.

I asked: Who will be the Big East Offensive Player of the Year? You responded in a big way. With more than 2,400 votes, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater led the way with 31 percent of the vote. USF quarterback B.J. Daniels and Pitt running back Ray Graham each received 18 percent, while Temple running back Montel Harris, got nine percent.

The "other" category got 23 percent, so let's check in what you had to say about my top candidates, and your write-in candidates.

hamel89 writes: Ray Graham would've won last season if he stayed healthy. Assuming he does this season, he'll get the nod. People have been talking about Daniels having a breakout season for a long time, but he hasn't been consistent at all (kind of like Geno Smith... but I digress...), I'm sure Teddy will be good, but he's still untested.

Bob2621 writes: As a RU fan, I'm going with Bridgewater from UL. Daniels may do it at USF but hasn't shown consistency for a whole season. I don't think Graham can do it coming off an injury; McCombs has just as good a chance, maybe better behind UConn's O-line. If Temple had a decent line, Harris might stand a chance, but Temple has a MAC O-line. I'm going to throw Savon Huggins in as a wild card. He was one of the best running back recruits in the country coming out of high school and was injured last year. With an improved O-line he might surprise and put up the kind of numbers he was expected to last year.

dan00zz writes: I think it's a lock that none of the 4 players mentioned in the poll will win the offensive player of the year.

AYCoolguy writes: Why doesn't Ryan Nassib get more respect? The guy was solid all last year. He shouldn't be faulted for having absolutely no defense. And I'm saying this as a diehard Rutgers fan.

Rfunavits writes: Got to go with Graham. Why? 1) B.J. is all hype 2) Bridgewater sophomore slump next year for sure. 3) Harris he is playing for Temple. 4) From what I have heard Graham is feeling no ill effects whatsoever.

adphill2 writes: I think B.J. has a chance to shine this year. If he doesn't he was a total bust. He has the best O-Line in the BE, best WRs he's ever had, best TEs he's ever had, and his running backs are serviceable... This should be USF's year if not we're cursed by the billy goat...

UConnCrazed writes: I voted other for now. My reason being is Ray Graham is coming off a knee injury and really there's no guarantee he'll pick up where he left off last year especially with the other running backs Pitt has right now. Montel Harris is transferring to Temple who is practically replacing its entire O-Line so I'd be pretty surprised if can match what he did at BC. B.J. Daniels is good, but USF can't finish the season so that pretty much eliminates him. As for Teddy Bridgewater, I think he has the best chance of be POY, but (at least for me) he needs to show improvement before he can be considered. I'd say next year especially with all the new schools coming in, will be Bridgewater's time to shine as POY.