Doug Marrone contacts Bill O'Brien

If there was any doubt that it is open season on Penn State players, check out the latest from coach Bill O'Brien.

During an appearance on "Mike & Mike in the Morning" on ESPN Radio today, O'Brien said several coaches had contacted him about the possibility of looking at his players if one expressed an interest in their schools. One of the coaches O'Brien mentioned by name -- Syracuse's Doug Marrone. Another is future Big East coach George O'Leary at UCF.

O'Brien said, "There are some coaches who have called. I can tell you that Doug Marrone's called, George O'Leary's called. ... You know these are guys that understand the profession and I think, have done a heck of a job of reaching out to me and if a guy contacts them, they are going to listen, that's what they've said, and I understand, but at the same time, they are just letting me know that, 'Hey, if somebody contacts us, we'll probably take a peek at him.'"

At least Marrone reached out and went about this the right way. I am sure O'Brien appreciates that much more than having six Illinois assistants waiting outside the Penn State football building.