Big East mailblog

Happy Friday, everyone!

Eric in Wyoming, Ohio, writes: AA- Are we ever going to have a Big East chat again? After Media Day I had a ton of stuff I wanted to throw out there. Camps are opening... and no chat... help I'm getting withdrawals! Go Bearcats beat the Cardinals!

Andrea Adelson: I am here to save you, Eric! Mark your calendars, everyone. The Big East chat resumes next week at our usual time: Thursdays at 4 p.m.

Greg in Southington, Conn., writes: Andrea, do you know if any of the Big East coaches who have votes in the Coaches' Poll will makes those votes public?

Adelson: Great question, Greg. I have not heard whether or not the four -- Butch Jones, Skip Holtz, Paul Pasqualoni and Kyle Flood -- will make them public. That choice is up to each coach, and for the most part, no coach ever divulges his weekly ballot. The only one that is required to be made public is the final one of the regular season.

Dan in Manalapan, N.J., writes: In a recent Mailbag, you said that there were major questions on the offensive side of the ball at Rutgers. Well with two backs able to run for 1,000 yards, a revamped o-line, and a really good wideout group let by Brandon Coleman, whichever QB gets the job will only have to be a game manager for Rutgers to be a contender. Where do you see "Major" questions?

Adelson: In all the areas you just mentioned, Dan. I realize there is talent all over the place, but Rutgers managed to average 2.8 yards per rush with some of the same capable backs you mentioned. Are Brandon Coleman and Mark Harrison capable of stepping up in the receiver group? Flood still doesn't know which combination of five offensive linemen he is going to go with for the season. And we can't forget about quarterback, where there is a great unknown as well. I don't think the Rutgers quarterback should be a game manager this year, by the way. For this offense to be as good as it can be, the quarterback will have to make some plays with a talented receiving group. I can't see Rutgers just running the ball 40 times a game and having the quarterback just manage the game. So those are the reasons I see major questions for Rutgers.

Joe Alletto in Atlanta writes: One of the possibilities I thought of would be to not reach further west for the Big East to add more football teams, but rather have a play-in game against, say the Mountain West. At this point it feels like the biggest issue is that we may not have an automatic bid. If the winner of the Big East played the winner of the Mountain West, wouldn't that satisfy the BCS and other leagues? I don't necessarily think we should, but from an appeasement standpoint, why would that not be accepted? I think the Big East is better than most people give it credit for, and if we can have four years of stability we can get right back to where we were. Why not show that we're better on the field, and have a confident attitude to prove to Big East haters wrong? Show them why we belong, by winning. I don't think that this is a realistic possibility because of logistics and egos, but I'm tired of the Big East getting no respect. It's not a matter of talent, and no longer about attitude. This season we need to show the other conferences why we deserve respect. Why not through a challenge like this?

Adelson: The problem, Joe, is the Mountain West is getting significantly weaker with the departure of Boise State. A league that once had TCU, Boise State, Utah and BYU is being left with Nevada, Hawaii, Fresno State and Air Force among others. So what does a play-in game do to boost this national Big East cred? The Big East should always be favored to win such a game. I do not think this in any way appeases anybody, and would not benefit the Big East at all.

Dan in Philly writes: Now that the Big East is looking for a bowl for their champion and talked about creating a bowl, what about the Fiesta Bowl now that the Big East is moving their footprint out west with Houston, SMU, Boise State, and San Diego State? It seems like a good fit for a national conference like the Big East. With the Big 12 and SEC creating their championship game, Fiesta may be looking.

Adelson: I think the Fiesta Bowl still has visions of 8-4 UConn dancing in their heads. Not sure that bowl game would want to have a tie-in that guarantees them any Big East team, no matter the record. Also, we still don't know if the Fiesta is going to be a part of the future bowl structure. We also don't know if the SEC/Big 12 Champions Bowl will be played at the Fiesta, Sugar or another venue.

RedRage4EVR in Louisville writes: Andrea, can you please post this in your next mailblog? Thanks.*USF 2012 BIG EAST CHAMPIONS!*

Adelson: A Bull in Cards country! You are officially on the record, RedRage. Come back and talk to us when the season ends.