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Andy in Cincinnati writes: Andrea - UC seems to always go into the season as a team with no shot at winning the Big East, yet has won at least a share in three of that last four seasons. This season seems to be no different. Do you believe they truly don't stand a chance to win the Big East? They constantly prove doubters (and everyone that isn't a UC fan) wrong time and time again. Thanks.

Andrea Adelson: If you can find where I wrote that Cincinnati has no shot at winning the Big East this year, please send me the link. I believe I have consistently said the league is wide open this year, the way it seems to be every single season. Cincinnati has definite talent returning, but it is hard to ignore some of the questions on this team headed into the season. Even coach Butch Jones said he agreed with order of the teams at the top of the preseason media poll. Maybe that is just coachspeak, and maybe Cincinnati wins again. The Bearcats have a shot just like everybody else.

T Bone in West Palm Beach writes: With all the talk here in South Florida about the recruiting mess at Miami, do you think this will effect Teddy Bridgewater this season? He has been mentioned as one of the recruits involved with Aubrey Hill when he was at Miami. Hill just resigned from Florida and did not want to be a distraction to the program. What's your opinion?

Adelson: This story broke at the beginning of last season and was not a distraction for Bridgewater, who went on to win Big East Newcomer of the Year honors. To me, the bigger question is what will happen with assistant Clint Hurtt, also implicated in the Miami scandal. After Hill resigned, some speculated Hurtt would be next. But so far, he remains at Louisville and I have no idea whether that will change.

Kevin in Wisconsin writes: The logical place for the Big East champion to play its bowl game is NYC. Do the big four conferences all have deals lined up in the future for their second place teams? I left out the ACC because well its the ACC? I could see a second place Big Ten team against a Big East champion. The Big Ten covets the NYC market anyway. I know it wouldn't be the warm weather but the holidays, New Year's, etc. in NYC, wouldn't that sell?

Adelson: A lot of folks have wondered whether New York would be the perfect place for the Big East champ. But keep in mind the Big East already canned the idea of playing its conference championship game in New York City. While there is plenty of appeal to playing in New York, the league might want a more central location for its bowl game, or a site that has better weather. As for bowl arrangements for second-place teams, I believe those four conferences have agreements to put their runners-up in the game reserved for their champions should they be chosen for the playoff. After that, every bowl arrangement will be reworked, starting with the 2014 season.

McIntyre2K7 in Tampa writes: Please post this in your next mailbag: I predict that this is the year that Louisville goes 12-1 and wins the Big East. Sure we will win our BCS game but we will fail to recapture the Keg of Nails. But at BCS title is way better than the Keg.

Adelson: Bold prediction! Anybody else? We can make an entire reader prediction mailblog if I get enough responses.

John Pearson in Trenton, N.J., writes: Why is UConn in the Fiesta Bowl any worse than West Virginia beating Oklahoma so bad in 2008? There are a lot of lopsided losses, including Notre Dame.

Adelson: Because UConn was unranked and 8-4 that year. My point was that the Fiesta would not want to get stuck with a four-loss unranked team with a guaranteed tie-in and would much rather have an opportunity to get an at-large team from the Top 12 pool.

B in New Jersey writes: Andrea, Now that the rules on bowl eligibility have changed and wins against any FCS school, not just scholarship-offering FCS schools, will count toward bowl eligibility, is there any chance of a Rutgers-Princeton series? Especially with the 150th anniversary of the first college football game coming up?

Adelson: I am not sure about a series, B. Rutgers has made it clear it plans to upgrade its nonconference schedule. And remember, the Big East may need to look past FCS schools to help out strength of schedule to get itself in better position for the future playoff.