Boos out at Heinz Field

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

PITTSBURGH -- The home crowd is not happy with Pitt.

Bill Stull threw an ill-advised pass from near his own goal line that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by UConn's Robert Vaughn.

Then, after a Dion Lewis run set up the Panthers at the Huskies' 8, Pitt once again failed to score a touchdown. Finally, they ran a fade to Baldwin, who made a great catch -- but Stull threw it too far into the corner and Baldwin couldn't catch it in bounds.

Pitt settled for a field goal to make it 14-6 and the boos came out again. While I'm not really in fvaor of booing college kids, you can't really blame the fans too much in this situation. They've seen this kind of ineptitude over and over again the past few years.