Rutgers one of national leaders in grad rates

The Rutgers football program notched a graduation success rate of 91 percent to tie for seventh-best nationally among all FBS programs, the NCAA announced Thursday.

The success percentage marks the highest graduation rate in Rutgers history.

Overall, the graduation rates in football and men's basketball have reached or exceeded 70 percent. Men's basketball is at 74 percent, up six points from a year ago, while football is at 70 percent. These figures reflect GSRs for student-athletes who started college in 2005.

The NCAA’s Graduation Success Rate includes transfer students and student-athletes who leave in good academic standing, unlike the federal graduation rate, which does not count transfers. The GSR and federal rate calculations measure graduation over six years from first-time college enrollment.

Here are the GSRs for all eight Big East football programs:

  • Rutgers: 91

  • Syracuse: 79

  • Cincinnati: 70

  • Pitt: 70

  • UConn: 69

  • Louisville: 63

  • Temple: 66

  • USF: 53