Eric LeGrand to take in Rutgers-Army

Eric LeGrand will be at Rutgers on Saturday when the Scarlet Knights host Army, the programs' second meeting since that fateful day he was injured more than two years ago at MetLife Stadium.

The Black Knights' overwhelming response to LeGrand's spinal injury struck a cord with Rutgers ever since.

"Certainly because of the way Coach [Rich] Ellerson and their staff handed the situation, there will always be a very special tie and connection between Army football and Rutgers football," Rutgers coach Kyle Flood said.

Last year's meeting took place at Yankee Stadium, with LeGrand taking part in the pregame coin toss with Malcolm Brown, the player LeGrand tackled on his last college play.

That play occurred at the Army 25-yard line with 5:10 left of Rutgers' Oct. 16, 2010, win.

LeGrand is determined that that will not be his last appearance at the 25-yard line of MetLife Stadium.

"He's doing better," Flood said. "What does that mean from a tangible standpoint? I think that means he's getting a little bit better every day. We know this process for Eric is going to be a long process, but he'll be the first one to tell you that at the end of it he's going to come through.

"He's going to go back to Giants Stadium and lay down in that spot where it happened, and he's going to get up and he's going to walk off the field. Eric LeGrand is always going to be a tremendous part of our program at Rutgers."