Big East conference race update

Let us take a look at the Big East race with four weeks left in the regular season.

Remember some of the basic rules: In the event of a two-way tie, the head-to-head winner between the teams will represent the Big East in the BCS game. In the event of a three-way or four-way tie, there are multiple scenarios that could determine the BCS rep. The two most common scenarios in a three-way tie: 1) if one team beat the other two tied teams, that one gets the BCS bid, regardless of ranking; 2) if they’re each 1-1 against the other two tied teams, it goes to the highest-ranked team in the final BCS standings (as with West Virginia last season).

UConn, Pitt, Temple and USF have been mathematically eliminated from contention.


No. 9 Louisville (4-o)

Scenarios: Win out and go to the BCS.

If the Cardinals lose to either Syracuse or UConn but beat Rutgers, they would go to the BCS -- even if there is a three-way tie for first with the Scarlet Knights and Cincinnati. In that case, Louisville would be 2-0 against those two teams and get the nod.

No. 23 Rutgers (4-0).

Scenarios: Win out and go to the BCS.

If the Scarlet Knights lose to either Cincinnati or Pitt but beat Louisville, they would get the BCS nod over the Cardinals if there is a two-way tie for first. If there is a three-way tie between Cincinnati, Rutgers and Louisville, AND Rutgers beat both the Bearcats and Cardinals, they get the BCS nod. If those three teams are 1-1 against each other, the team that finishes highest in the final BCS standings goes to the BCS.

Next up

Cincinnati (2-1)

Scenarios: The Bearcats need some help if they want to win another Big East title. They already lost head-to-head to Louisville so their best shot at going to a BCS game is to win out AND have the Cardinals lose twice. Chances are remote they would win a tiebreaker in a three-way tie with Rutgers and Louisville.

Long shots

Syracuse (3-2)

The Orange already lost to Cincinnati and Rutgers, so they are going to need major help to get to a BCS game. They need to win out and then hope for Cincinnati, Rutgers and Louisville to keep losing to bolster their chances. Here is a best-case scenario:

  • Win out (beating Louisville and Temple)

  • Rutgers loses out (to Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Louisville)

  • Louisville loses to UConn

  • Cincinnati loses at least two of its three games against Temple, USF and Connecticut

If all that happens, Syracuse and Louisville both finish 5-2 and Syracuse has the head-to-head tiebreaker.