Butch Jones interviews at Purdue

Most interviews for college head-coaching jobs take place in private, at off-campus sites far from prying eyes.

Well, Purdue's interest in Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones is by comparison extremely public. Jones arrived on campus Sunday morning and was seen stepping off a school plane with Boilermakers' athletic director Morgan Burke. The Lafayette Journal & Courier even has video evidence.

So now there's no secret that Purdue has heavy interest in the 44-year-old Jones, who just finished a 9-3 campaign in his third season with the Bearcats. We can't say for sure whether Jones is the school's only target, but you usually don't fly a guy to campus without intending to offer him the job at some point.

It may not be that simple for Purdue, however, as there are reports that Jones will also look at Colorado on Monday. This isn't just about Jones selling himself to Purdue; the Boilers will have to convince Jones this is the right job and right place for him. Interestingly, he was making more money at Cincinnati than Danny Hope was before Hope got fired last week.

I covered Jones back in my Big East days and know he's a good coach and a likeable guy. If he is in fact the coach Purdue wants, it had better lock him up. Because now everybody knows where the Boilers' interests lie.