Rutgers sues BE over fee, waiting period

Rutgers has filed a lawsuit against the Big East in an attempt to get out of the league's $10 million buyout and 27-month waiting period to join the Big Ten.

The lawsuit, filed in Middlesex County Court in New Jersey, was first reported by Courthouse News Service. Rutgers contends in its complaint that the $10 million exit fee "arbitrarily applies to some, but not all, of the Big East football schools, and the effect is to penalize certain members if they seek to withdraw."

Rutgers points to the way the Big East allowed Syracuse, Pittsburgh, TCU and West Virginia to leave the league before the 27-month waiting period, and alleges the Big East has failed to collect $39.5 million in withdrawal fees from departing schools -- money that was set to be divided up among remaining members.

The Big East had no comment.