Where Big East fits in attendance shifts

College football attendance was down for a second straight season, with stadiums averaging 45,274 fans per contest, according to a report by AL.com's Jon Solomon.

Despite 35.3 million fans in paid attendance this season, 56 percent of the sport's teams reported a decrease in crowds from last season.

Among the eight BCS-conference schools to report attendance declines of at least 10 percent this season, two were from the Big East: Pittsburgh and Cincinnati (10 percent each).

Still, not all were down on the conference this season, as the Big East's two biggest average home crowds experienced increases this season, at Louisville (3 percent) and at Rutgers (12 percent).

Four of the six schools slated to join the conference next season saw attendance increase this year as well.

Here's a complete breakdown of average attendance among Big East schools, including future members.

Current members

Louisville 49,991 (+3 percent)

Rutgers 49,188 (+12 percent)

South Florida 44,130 (-1 percent)

Pittsburgh 41,494 (-10 percent)

Syracuse 37,953 (-6 percent)

Connecticut 34,672 (-5 percent)

Cincinnati 29,138 (-10 percent)

Temple 26,580 (-5 percent)

Members next season

Boise State 35,404 (+4 percent)

UCF 34,608 (+1 percent)

San Diego State 30,227 (-24 percent)

Houston 27,247 (-14 percent)

Memphis 24,371 (+21 percent)

SMU 21,292 (+2 percent)

Members in 2014

East Carolina 47,013 (-6 percent)

Tulane 18,085 (-8 percent)

Member in 2015

Navy 32,363 (-6 percent)