Flood, Prince have shared vision for offense

Head coach Kyle Flood and new offensive coordinator Ron Prince have a shared vision for Rutgers' offense this coming season, another pro-style attack that they believe can look a lot of different ways when executed properly.

"My hope and my vision going forward, and I think is one of the things that Ron will really be able to bring to the table for us, is the ability to use all the personnel groups, the ability always to get the ball in the hands of the better playmakers in your offense," Flood said Tuesday during an introductory teleconference. "And I think you'll see more of that as we go forward."

Prince, who spent the last three seasons in the NFL working with the offensive lines of the Jaguars and Colts, will be the Scarlet Knights' fourth different offensive coordinator in the past four years. But he doesn't foresee potential problems with getting on the same page as his new players.

"I wasn't a part of any of those other systems or personality changes," said Prince, who was Kansas State's head coach from 2006-08. "All I can do is try to build the best player-coach relationship that I can, and that's all I've ever done. Change is a function of our game -- players have opportunities sometimes to move on to the pro game before maybe anticipated, coaches make some changes and move around. Each team and each year the personality of the team is going to be unique and different, and so we just want to do our part to help this upcoming year and develop this team the very best we can."

Rutgers struggled last year offensively, ranking 104th nationally under coordinator Dave Brock, who moved on to become the head coach at Delaware. Flood said replacing both coordinators this year was rather easy compared to piecing most of the staff together last year when Greg Schiano jumped to the Buccaneers.

With spring practice kicking off March 26, Prince said there is no set date for having the playbook mastered, so long as all are on the same page come Aug. 29 at Fresno State.

"The way it goes now in college football, one of the most important things we'll do is integrate the talent that will come in in the fall into our training camp going forward into the first game," Prince said. "All of this is a process moving towards that, so I don't think that the looming spring date is the final date really, but the final date, the most important date is when we kick off opening week. Everything will be toward making that successful if at all possible, so that's where our mindset is. A lot of this is a process that we'll go through.

"I don't think with the veteran coaches that we have and the returning talent that we have, I don't think that we'll have a hard time trying to get everybody on the same page. Just a matter of making sure we have people in the right places and can appropriately take advantage of their skill set."