Your choice for new Big East name is ...

Big East commissioner Mike Aresco has all but ruled America 12 out of consideration for a new league name.

Good thing we put out a handy dandy poll earlier this week to gauge your thoughts on what this league should choose. Over 3,200 folks cast their votes, making this one of the most popular polls we have done since I took over the Big East blog. Now on to the results as of earlier Thursday (drum roll please... )

Big America Conference (30 percent) and American Metro (28 percent) got the majority of the vote. The race between these two names has been extremely close since the voting started. America 12 tied with American Collegiate Sports Conference, getting 15 percent each. My favorite, Big Country Conference, came in last. I am trying not to take that personally.

There are plenty more ideas out there. I only narrowed down the poll to the top five names we received. Here are many more ideas we got this week into the Big East mailbag:

Mike in Miami writes: LATE SUBMISSION: America Frontier Conference.

Greg Carpenter in Louisville writes: How about SNC -- south-northern conference, since most of the new teams will come from the south after Louisville and Rutgers leave, and they can have a little rivalry with the SEC. Just a thought. Sounds better than Conference America.

Mike Baker in Bradenton, Fla., writes: How about the "Metropolitan Coast Conference" aka the MCC?

Andrew in Providence, R.I., writes: Continental Conference. Con-Con. Maybe they could even sell the name to Continental Tire. Would be a way to make a buck. Big Country is either Bryant Reeves or Roy Nelson. Not good for a conference with few teams in rural areas.

Kevin at Vance AFB, Okla., writes: Post-war 20th century America named countless stadiums in honor of the veterans who did not return. Memorial stadiums popped up all around the country, the most notable that come to memory are from my childhood in Baltimore as an Orioles fan and the football home of the Clemson Tigers. As we end our wars in the Middle East, a new 'Memorial' would be well served. It is with that thought that I submit the name of the American Memorial Conference. It lacks a number as to allow expansion, it conjures a bit of respect which is what the current Big East lacks, it creates a tone that sounds serious, and finally it can easily and quickly be abbreviated to "The AMC."

David Sanford in Cincinnati writes: Great America Conference.

Mike in Bradenton, Fla., writes: How's this for a name?? The Atlantic Gulf Conference Aka The AGC. All schools are either on the Atlantic Coast or the Gulf Coast or touch a state that is. Two schools UCF & USF touch BOTH. There is no reference to Big East or Conference USA. Sounds Good with the Big 5 > Southeastern Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference, Pacific Athletic Conference, Atlantic Gulf Conference etc. The Big Ten, SEC, AGC, ACC etc. Plus as a bonus -- it will probably tick off the ACC, which is always a good thing :)

James in Valdosta, Ga., writes: I suggest the Gulf Atlantic Conference since most of the teams are along the Gulf or the Atlantic or fall somewhere between.

Gray Avenger in Memphis writes: Why not "Eastern Athletic Conference" or "EAC" for short? 1. Until last week, we thought it would be "The Big East" (even when San Diego State and Boise State were in). 2. The footprint is completely within the eastern half of the continental US. 3. Distinguishes us from the "Mountain West." 4. It 's a simple, straightforward, easily remembered name. If SEC, ACC and MWC work, why won't EAC? What we DON'T need is a name with a number or that will be made fun of (such as "metro" which screams basketball-first commuter schools).

Russ Duffey in Atlanta writes: Can you add "Big Metro Conference" to your naming list? Combo of the "Big East / Old Metro which fits these schools well. It would be nice to have an option without American in it as this sounds too much like Conference USA 2.0. Thank you for your work in covering the league (whatever the name)!

Mike K. in St. Petersburg, Fla. writes: How about the Pan America Conference? The name, in various forms, has been used by an international group and, of course, a major airline. Put most usages have been "American" as opposed to "America."If the name is available as a trademark, it would allow the rebirth of a great abbreviation -- Pan Am. It would also avoid the use of a number in the new league's name.