Join the blog bracket challenge

Spring football and March Madness brings us the best of both worlds during these next few weeks, so what better way to enjoy them than to combine both here in the Big East blog?

Enjoy the conference's far-superior hoops season, and take pride in the last stand of the Big East as we know it. I, for one, have two Big East teams in my Final Four. (You can blame me once that officially doesn't happen, but for now, allow me to remain optimistic.)

A group has been set up on ESPN's Tournament Challenge, titled "Big East/Notre Dame blog." Click here to join. And be kind to readers from my other life as a blogger covering the Fighting Irish.

The winner will get a post of his or her choosing in either blog, pending our edits and approval, of course.

So come on in, try to out-do yours truly and, just maybe, rub it in once the season ends April 8.