Tom Jurich tops Big East AD salaries

Tom Jurich and Tim Pernetti are two nominees for athletic director of the year, but their salaries aren't in the same league.

Jurich, the Louisville AD since 1997, makes more than $1.4 million, the most of any Big East AD, according to a report this month by USA Today.

Pernetti, who in November helped get Rutgers to the Big Ten, makes just $410,00, fifth-highest among the eight athletic directors whose schools will help make up the 10-team league this fall currently known as the Big East.

Salaries for SMU and Temple were unavailable.

Only Vanderbilt's David Williams makes more than Jurich, and Williams' salary of $3,239,678 includes money from his duties as both vice chancellor of university affairs and as a tenured law professor.

Jurich is one of just nine ADs to make more than $1 million annually, and he makes nearly three times more than the next-highest paid Big East AD, Houston's Mack Rhoades, who makes $537,600.

Here is a list of the Big East ADs by salary, including ACC defectors Pittsburgh and Syracuse, for the sake of comparison.

Tom Jurich, Louisville: $1,401,915

Steve Pederson, Pittsburgh: $596,595

Daryl Gross, Syracuse: $570,057

Mack Rhoades, Houston: $537,600

Doug Woolard, South Florida: $479,657

Warde Manuel, Connecticut: $450,000

Tim Pernetti, Rutgers: $410,000

Tom Bowen, Memphis: $400,000

Todd Stansbury, UCF: $375,000

Whit Babcock, Cincinnati: $364,000

Rick Hart, SMU: NA

Bill Bradshaw, Temple: NA