Levine wins April Fools' Day … again

Tony Levine made a national impression during his first spring at Houston last year, tweeting and putting out a press release saying that Charles Sims, the nation's third-leading rusher in 2011, would move to cornerback.

After all, who wouldn't want to play in the famous 3-1-7 defensive formation?

The April Fools' Day prank drew plenty of immediate reaction, with Levine ultimately confessing that Sims would not move to cornerback … and instead would move to kicker.

Levine was at it again on Monday, this time giving love to the word "of" — which, when you think about it, really does get pushed to the side too often when talking about universities, doesn't it?

The Cougars put out another fake press release, this one featuring photos of helmets that spelled out U-O-H, which were to be broken out during the April 12 spring game and help usher in a new era in a new conference.

After asking students on campus how they referred to the University, a recent poll showed that 83.6 percent of current students said they always use the ‘of’ in U of H.

“I’ve always thought that the word ‘of’ did not get the respect it deserved,” Levine said. “When you look at the way we speak and form acronyms - for example, the United States of America being U.S.A. - ‘of’ always gets excluded. And as I’m sure most people have, I’ve often times wondered why ‘of’ is spelled o-f and not u-v.”

Here's guessing that the red "APRIL FOOL'S" stamped across the photo was a dead giveaway. And while it doesn't measure up to last year's debut — and really, what could? — it's good to see that Levine is still having fun with the day in Year 2.

Now about that Cougar mascot ...