Poll: What do you think of the new name?

The anticipated arrival of a new name for the former Big East conference came Wednesday, with the league announcing that it will be known as the American Athletic Conference.

The conference will look to avoid the "AAC" acronym to limit confusion with the ACC, where many of its former members departed to. The league also announced via Twitter that it plans to launch its new website July 1, when all conference moves become official.

Commissioner Mike Aresco told CBSSports.com some of the details that went into coming up with the new name, and he said "The American" portion of the name will be what is emphasized moving forward.

"We think that in the end we're going to do some artwork around 'The American' with an emphasis on the 'A.' We'll see what it looks like, but we think that's probably the way we'll go."

So what do you guys think. Yay, nay or indifferent? Vote in our poll and be sure to send along your reasoning or suggestions to our mailbags.