Your vote: Neutral on new AAC name

So now that the league formerly known as the Big East shall forevermore be called the American Athletic Conference, we asked you to weigh in on the new name.

With nearly 100,000 votes in our SportsNation poll, 39 percent of you responded: Meh. Neither like it nor dislike it. I would have voted for that choice as well. As I explained in the mailbag last Friday, I thought it was an uninspiring choice but it is way, way better than America 12. Clearly this is a league that embraces 'Merica, given the first name floated out, the name that was eventually chosen and the comments from commish Mike Aresco -- who would like the league to be referred to as "The American" as a shorter moniker.

Here is a look at how the other choices fared:

Dislike it: 20 percent

Like it: 19 percent

Hate it: 17 percent

Love it: 5 percent

So after typing these numbers into my calculator, more respondents dislike/hate the name compared to those who like it/love it. You see why it is so crucially important for the AAC to get its rebranding efforts underway ASAP. Now, to a few of your comments.

Margaret in Amelia, Ohio, writes: Hey Andrea, Who cares what the name of the new conference is!! Get a new name and move on. Though a suggestion I would have given for the new name would have been "Galaxy Quest", it would have fit .......big job ahead and no real direction where this conference is going or what it's leaders know about planning! Anyway now maybe the talk will calm down and we can talk about FOOTBALL now!

Margaret, I spent many, many an hour watching, "Galaxy Quest." I used to own it on VHS tape. No joke!

Chuck in Kentucky writes: I don't get the haters bagging on the new AAC conference name. The Andrea Adelson conference has a nice ring to it.

Chuck, bestill my beating heart you know just how to get yourself some love.

Ronnie in Memphis, Tenn., writes: I like the new conference name fine, but prefer the "AAC" acronym to "American." I predict (and hope) that in time, "AAC" will be commonly used by the media and general public. If the ACC doesn't like it, that's tough. Thanks for your coverage - good work.

Ronnie, I still worry about folks calling it the "ACK" for short. Mabye I'm the only one.