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Welcome to the weekend!

For the many of you asking, I do not have a timetable for when the blog name will be changed to AAC. Just be patient! Now on to your questions, from a few familiar readers.

Ryan in Johnstown, Ohio, writes: Do bowls affiliated with the AAC still have the option of taking Notre Dame in lieu of an AAC school or will the Irish be piggybacking off of ACC bowl tie-ins this year?

Andrea Adelson: Ryan, Notre Dame is not an option for this season because the Champs Sports Bowl selected the Irish over a Big East team in 2011. Per the rules, Notre Dame can only be taken once in the four-year bowl cycle that ends this season.

Eric in St. Petersburg, Russia, writes: Andrea, Good afternoon. I saw the story of Gunner Kiel transferring to the Bearcats! I was wondering what your take on this is. I know he was a five-star quarterback coming out of high school. All the reports I have been reading out of UC said Bennie Coney looked really good. His spring completion percentage was the highest of any of the quarterbacks. And he provides a great deal of mobility. How does this quarterback situation shape up?

Adelson: Great question, Eric. One of my first thoughts when I saw the news was that Coney was not going to be happy. You guys have heard me rant about star ratings before, so I am not going to put much stock into what Kiel did in high school. All we know is that he has yet to take a collegiate snap in a game and has made more headlines for off-the-field issues than on-the-field performance. While the move looks great on paper and appears to be a win for Tommy Tuberville, I think it would be foolish for anyone to anoint him the starter for 2014 based on what he did as a high schooler. He's going to have to beat guys out for the job.

Rob in Big East Forever, N.J. writes: Big Guns, before anyone starts grand celebrations regarding Cincy's coup of a top rated 2012 QB recruit, let us not forget that he LOST the QB battle to another first-year starter, who, while making it to the BCS national championship, was far from a very good QB himself. ND made it to the BCS because of some excellent defense, their QB position had one 300-plus yard passing game and a 12-6 TD to INT ratio last season. Playing devil's advocate, this may set a bad precedent for a new head coach trying to recruit high school quarterbacks, more so than bringing on the next Tony Pike to take over the QB spot next year. He is nothing more than an unproven recruit with commitment issues and a BCS game runner-up ring perhaps.

Adelson: I agree with all your points but one. I do not think this sets a bad precedent in trying to recruit high school quarterbacks. Plenty of schools accept quarterback transfers. And guys on the roster know that there are going to be incoming freshmen who want to take the starting quarterback job, too. Tuberville saw an opportunity to potentially improve the position and he took it. But we have a long way to go before we know whether this was a risk worth taking.

Ken in Connecticut writes: I think UConn should fire Warde Manuel and hire Tim Pernetti. 1) Manuel completely flubbed getting in to the ACC by sitting on his hands while he was outmaneuvered by Tom Jurich. Plus, his No. 1 job when he was hired was to get UConn out of the Big East or whatever it is called now and he failed miserably. 2) Pernetti got Rutgers in to the Big Ten all based on its proximity to NYC, while never even playing in a BCS game and with mediocre basketball programs. Plus he shouldn't have to hire a men's basketball coach for a long time. Will probably have to hire a football coach soon though. FYI, this whole scenario is a joke.

Gary J. Porteous in West Chester, Ohio, writes: Andrea: Tim Pernetti is a good man with character and he just got shafted. Rutgers U. just went to the bottom of my list. In the end I believe he will obtain a great job.

Adelson: I understand the outpouring of support in some circles for Pernetti, and the frustration of all UConn fans feel about conference realignment. I agree that Pernetti is a good man, having had the opportunity to get to know him as part of my job. But he and his superiors made a terrible mistake, and I simply think it is way too early for any program to dump an AD and bring him in. We are only a week removed from the scandal, and UConn would face an inordinate amount of bad publicity if they were to do this, Ken. I understand why you are frustrated, but I do not think this is a move I would make today if I was the school president.