UCF unveils black helmet

Alternate helmets are all the rage in college football these days.

Add UCF to the growing list of schools with one in the making.

During a fan event Tuesday in Orlando, coach George O'Leary and director of equipment operations Robert Jones unveiled the prototype for a black helmet to be worn this fall. The helmets displayed in the photo on the right are only in the early stages of development. The helmet Jones has in his hand on the left shows the design. The helmet on the right shows what the gold color will look like on the helmet. Despite some chatter from fans on Twitter, the helmet will feature UCF's primary gold color.

One big item is missing as well. The UCF logo will be placed on the helmet to complete the alternate look.

UCF also will have blank pants available in the uniform rotation, though O'Leary does not seem too keen on an all-black look. Here is hoping he changes his mind, or his players change his mind for him. I love the black look, and have given two thumbs-up to essentially every single alternate black helmet I have seen throughout college football.

I thought Rutgers' all-black helmet looked snazzy, and I also am holding out hope Cincinnati will debut its all-black helmet at some point, too.