O'Neil: Rutgers back to being a punchline

After the incriminating videos of former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice surfaced, the enraged reactions boiled down to two simple questions:

Who treats people like that? How could this happen?

Now at least we can answer the second.

It can happen if it happens at Rutgers, where the administration has the cognitive awareness of a piece of Tupperware, where the vetting process is done by Inspector Clouseau and where the leadership motto is best summarized by the only other entity to trash the reputation of New Jersey better than the state university:

"I'm not a phenomenon. I'm a train wreck," Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, of "Jersey Shore" infamy, who could be speaking on behalf of Rutgers president Robert Barchi.

The New York Times pounded the latest and perhaps final nail into the coffin of Julie Hermann's Rutgers career (although we do have a bit of a tree-falling question here: Can a career be over before it technically begins?), with details about yet another lawsuit involving Hermann, this from her years at the University of Louisville.

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