Vote: What do you think of the new logo?

The American Athletic Conference finally unveiled its new logo Thursday, drawing positive reviews from many.

Matt and I give the logo two thumbs up, too.

I gotta give the league credit for coming up with a snazzy logo as it begins to re-brand and re-market itself as it moves toward officially becoming known as "The American" on July 1. This league has taken a pounding at just about every turn along the way, from questions over proposed names (America 12?), to the actual shortened name it wants used (The American?).

The league has gotten the logo right. And it has been nice to see national media pundits and fans of the league dole out some praise considering all that has happened over the past two years. The logo is meant to serve as a new beginning, a fresh start, so everyone can move forward.

The tag line included on the future website: "All in, to win" is a good move, too. The American won't be able to escape its Big East past, not for another year, anyway, as outgoing members Rutgers and Louisville remain in conference. Rutgers won't display the logo on its football field; Louisville has not even addressed that topic yet.

But the American can at least begin to create a new history and do its part by having nationally relevant teams that win. Cincinnati becomes the football flag-bearer of the conference. I think the Bearcats are up for that.

Now it's your turn to weigh in. Do you agree with the positive reviews the new logo has received? Make sure to vote in our highly (un)scientific poll.