Rutgers embarrasses itself again

ESPNNewYork.com columnist Ian O'Connor had some more choice words for Rutgers after athletic director Julie Hermann addressed the media and did little in the way of dispelling concerns about her appointment.

O'Connor writes:

So that's it. Julie Hermann filibusters and dodges and deflects for some 780 seconds before reporters gathered outside Rutgers' athletic facility Wednesday, and it's game, set, match made in heaven.

A scandal-scarred university is going forward with its scandal-scarred athletic director-to-be, and Rutgers president Robert Barchi declares that "Julie and her team will set the stage for a great transition" into the Big Ten, which should be positively thrilled.

The conference had a conspicuous hole on its roster that Barchi can perfectly fill now that Ohio State president Gordon Gee has decided to retire his polka-dot pajamas, big red nose and floppy shoes.

It would've been funny to hear Hermann describe her turbulent experience as the University of Tennessee's volleyball coach as one that made her "uniquely qualified" for Rutgers if it wasn't so scary. She actually believes a coach accused by an entire team of calling her players "whores, alcoholics and learning disabled" is the ideal fit for a university that employed a men's basketball coach, Mike Rice, recently fired for verbally and physically abusing his team.

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O'Connor makes some strong points, but it seems pretty clear Rutgers is not going to go back down on this decision unless another bombshell or two drops. Hermann has got a major challenge ahead of her, and none of them have anything to do with a move to the Big Ten or worrying about how the football team will do this season.