Tuberville talks on SVP & Russillo

Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville talked Tuesday on the SVP & Russillo Show on ESPN Radio, dishing on his time at Texas Tech, discussing why he made the move to Cincinnati, the challenges that come with the first year at a new program, his coaching philosophy and much more.

Here's Tuberville's take on the American Athletic Conference, and if his program will get shut out of the BCS title should it run the table this fall.

"I would hope that eventually if this conference can get off the ground kind of like the Big East did in football, hopefully we can be compared with some of the other leagues. But we're going to have to earn that respect, we're going to have to earn that confidence from a lot of people across the country. We've got to play a lot of good football, that's the bottom line -- not just one or two teams; four or five teams. Most conferences in this country are top-heavy with four or five teams that usually control it every year. I think we're going to be a little bit more balanced, but hopefully we can keep this conference strong from top to bottom where people can notice it and attract TV, radio, fans and also voters that vote in the top 25."

You can listen to the nearly six-minute bit here.