Cincinnati's perfect season going down tubes

PITTSBURGH -- All season long, Cincinnati has avoided the big mistake. Not today.

The Bearcats came into the game with the fewest turnovers in the nation. But Tony Pike has thrown a pick, and Pitt just blocked a punt and recovered inside the Bearcats 5-yard line.

Barring a miraculous comeback, this game is essentially over. The Panthers lead 31-10 in a stunning domination over the No. 5 team in the country.

Some may ask if Cincinnati was distracted this week by the Notre Dame rumors. I don't think so. I think it's just that Pitt is so much better on both lines and is simply enforcing its will. The Bearcats offense is out of sync because of the pressure up front, and Dion Lewis is running wild with huge lanes into the second level of the defense.

Never count the Cincinnati offense out, even down by 21. But if I'm a Pitt fan, I'm already checking hotel rates in New Orleans.