TCU, Cincinnati debates full of hot air

The BCS -- gulp -- worked.

It's painful to admit that, and Boise State fans surely don't want to hear that this morning, but what other conclusion can you draw from watching the Allstate Sugar Bowl and Tostitos Fiesta Bowl?

We wrote a lot of words this fall about whether Cincinnati or TCU deserved a BCS title shot. Graham Watson and I had a spirited debate about it. Then the Bearcats got steamrolled by Florida, and the Horned Frogs lost 17-10 to Boise State. Both teams' question marks proved their undoing; Cincinnati couldn't stop anybody, and TCU didn't have enough offense.

While Boise State had an amazing season and is deserving of a chance to play for the championship, did anything you saw in Monday's Fiesta Bowl convince you that either team could have even beaten Florida, much less Alabama? If so, you saw a different game than me.

I'm reminded of Sugar Bowl week, when I asked Cincinnati center Chris Jurek about how close the Bearcats were to making it to Pasadena. Jurek responded by saying, "The right two teams are playing for the championship." I was surprised by that answer. But based on the way Cincinnati and TCU played in their bowl games, it's clear that he was right.