Big East game-day traditions: South Florida

You wouldn't expect a lot of tradition at a place that didn't even play football until 1997. But South Florida fans have showed plenty of passion and have a few things they're known for on game day. (UConn is up next, so send your favorite traditions in now):

The Stampeding Herd of Thunder: The Bulls' marching band runs on to the field in what is supposed to resemble a stampede, and it's been doing it since 1999.

The Running of the Bulls: Before each game, a group of fans dressed traditional Pamplona-style garb run ahead of the players as they enter the field.

"Home of the Bulls:" At the end of the national anthem, fans substitute the phrase "Home of the Bulls" for "Home of the Brave."

The Beef Studs: Along with their female counterparts, the Beef Babes, these superfans paint their bodies green and gold, while wearing bull horns and hula skirts at each game.

Lighting of the SunTrust Centre: OK, it's only happened twice that I can recall, against West Virginia in 2007 and Cincinnati last season. But the Tampa skyscraper has been lit in Bulls' colors for some big games, and it could be a tradition that carries on in the future.


Kevin from Tampa: My favorite USF tradition is the annual climb up the polls in August/September. It's so exciting to see the Bulls knock off Top 25 teams and garner national attention. This usually culiminates in at least one HUGE home game each year which packs Raymond James with excited fans. (This is generally followed by the annual cliff dive off the polls in October/November). But hey, if USF goes 5-0 with this year's schedule, I promise that people will be talking. Go Bulls!

Eddie from Tampa: A couple of Bulls traditions in our short tenure: 1) Band plays a song named The Bull #8 as fans in the stand hold up the Bulls symbol on hand and wave it as a Bull circling the ring. 2) At the end of the National Anthem, fans substitute "Home of the Brave" with "Home of the Bulls" 3)Students and former athletes dress up in white outfits and a red scarf ala the running of the bulls in Pamplona and lead the team onto the field before game. 4) Fans spell out S-O-U-T-H F-L-O-R-I-D-A and then chant south florida south florida GOOOOO Bullllsss.

Matt from Safety Harbor, Fla.: I have season tickets and the thing I love best about USF, is when WVU or another big-time program comes to town and the weather is perfect, tailgating is great outside of RayJay Stadium. While we are a young program without a lot of traditions, we are building them. My two favorite things are our tailgatinga and USF's great fight song that the band plays all game long.

Mike from Tampa: OK, so it's a little obvious that South Florida doesn't have much tradition since our football team has only been since '97. But I guarantee you, there isn't a better atmosphere than Raymond James on a Friday night sell out crowd of 75,000 screaming fans. It also doesn't get much louder than the 12,001 students (biggest student section in the Big East). The largest student section, 60,000 screaming Bulls mixed with the best mascot in the country, Rocky the Bull, is what I absolutely love about Bull Country.

Jacob from Tampa: I hope that the second coach in our school's history can help spur some new traditions, one of those being a continuation of the beat down we handed Florida State.