Big East game-day traditions: UConn

Connecticut began playing FBS-level football in the past decade, but the program has been around for a long time. Let's look at a few of the Huskies' game-day traditions (Syracuse is up last and has so far provided the fewest responses from fans. Last chance to get them in, Orange supporters).

Victory Bell: After every UConn score, a bell is rung for each point the Huskies have, and the cheerleaders do the same number of pushups.

HuskyWalk: A recently-started tradition, players get off their bus and walk through fans on their way into the stadium

Jonathan the Husky: The only live mascot among Big East football teams, the white Husky and his handlers help lead the team onto the field to open the game.

Stick it in Chant: When UConn's offense gets into the red zone, the band starts chanting "Stick it in, stick it in!"


Pete from Newtown, Conn.: The best part of game day at UConn is when "O Fortuna" blasts into the stadium as the captains emerge from the tunnel with interlocked arms. Nothing sends shivers through my body more than that. Then one minute before kickoff the big screen has one minute of highlights that play to Rage Against the Machine's "Guerilla Radio" featuring words that every UConn fan know: "It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?" That gets the players and fans pumped up for the start of the game.

Jared from Williamsburg, Va., writes: With the move from 1-AA to FBS, UConn has lost a few of its older traditions, such as the "Ram-Napping Trophy" with URI, but a few have been maintained. Jonathan the Husky: Currently Jonathan the XIII. The first Jonathan came on campus in 1935, and was the only Jonathan that was not entirely white in coloration. The Victory Bell, was moved from the old Memorial Stadium on campus to Rentschler Field. After each score, the bell is rung once for each point UConn has scored in the game. U-C-O-N-N, the spelling of UConn after each score, originated from the basketball side, with "Big Red" leading the way, but has taken hold at the Rent. UConn.... Huskies....A back and forth call that repeats 3 times, is reversed once, and followed by a "woof."And the Husky Walk, is similar to other "walk" traditions, but is only a few years old, and was started after the suggestion of former player Dan Davis during his senior year

Ed F. from Norwalk, Conn.: Hey here are some UConn traditions. "Welcome to the Jungle" 3rd Down: On opposing teams' third down (or 4th if they decided to go for it) the speakers blast "Welcome to the Jungle," and everyone in the stands takes out their keys and rattles them making as much noise as possible. It get pretty loud. Stick it in Chant: Every time the offense gets in the red zone the band starts up the chant. This is my favorite chant because of the obvious pun attatched. Everyone waves their hand in the student section yelling Stick it in! Stick it in! Stick it in! Untill they score a touchdown.

Chris from Wallingford, Conn.: Well, traditions take years and years to build. And the best traditions are not the ones that are forced. They evolve naturally over time. You have to remember that UConn has only been playing FBS ball for less than a decade and have only been in Rentschler Field for 7 years now. Sure, we have the "Husky Walk," but almost every school has their own version of greeting the team as they get off the bus and head into the stadium. What I'd like to see is something to remember Jasper Howard. Have a plaque the players touch before heading out onto the field. I know it's not original, but it's a meaningful tribute to kid that left this earth way too early but made a lasting impression on the University of Connecticut.