Put on your pinstripes

Are you excited for the Pinstripe Bowl?

Yep, that's the official name of the new Big East postseason game at Yankee Stadium. We had been referring to it as the Yankee Bowl until today. New Era Cap Co. Inc. is the title sponsor.

How does that name strike you? At least it's not a totally corporate affair (no offense, Papajohns.com and Meineke Car Care bowls). I think I would have preferred something that emphasized the New York/Northeast locale rather than simply the design of the Yankees uniforms. But, hey, at least you know what the appropriate dress is for the occasion.

The other significant news item is that this year's inaugural game will be held Dec. 30. That gives fans a chance to stick around the next day for New Year's Eve in the city if they so choose. The game will be televised on ESPN for the next six years.

I have a sneaking feeling that Rutgers is going to end up in the first Pinstripe Bowl. But whichever Big East team makes it there, I hope its fans own some pinstripe suits.