Friday mailbag

Happy Friday, everybody. Let's get to some e-mails:

Adam from Cincinnati writes: With D.J. Woods, Armon Binns, Vidal Hazelton, and incoming freshman Dyjuan Lewis, and just getting Kenbrell Thompkins could Cincy have the best WR corps in the Big East next year?

Brian Bennett: Well, I'm going to withhold judgment on Lewis and Thompkins, since neither is on campus. Recruiting rankings and hype are nice, but until you actually do it on the field, they don't mean squat. However, I think with just Binns, Hazelton and Woods, Cincinnati already has the best receiving corps in the Big East. If they get anything out of the two new guys -- or Jamar Howard or Marcus Barnett -- that just makes it even better.

Jason from Pittsburgh writes: There was a very real possibility (had a handful of plays changed) that three of the last four BCS championships could have featured teams that are listed on your Big East Football Madness Bracket (2006 Louisville, 2007 WVU & 2009 Cincy), and another very real possibility that Louisville and WVU could have won the BCS national championship. How do you think the perception of the Big East would have changed if the Big East played in three of the last four BCS championships and came away with one or two wins?

Brian Bennett: The key is the last part of your question: wins. Had Big East teams gone to the BCS title game and come up empty -- especially if the games weren't close -- then all of a sudden they would have been looked at like Ohio State and the Big Ten were perceived before this year's Rose Bowl. Could the Big East have won a title or two? It seems like Louisville would have had a real shot against Ohio State that year, and if West Virginia had gotten the Buckeyes in the 2007 season, they might have won it, too.

Ronaldo from New Britain, Conn., writes: I'm a big Rutgers fan now for a few years (since the bandwagon has room, I decided to jump on). Do you think that Rutgers can win a BCS bid even though they are a young team or is it Pitt and West Virginia's to lose?

Brian Bennett: I maintain that Rutgers is a year away, and Tom Savage's junior and senior seasons of should be the time the team makes its run. Here's what Greg Schiano had to say about the very subject after practice yesterday (as relayed from the Home News Tribune's Keith Sargeant): "Can we win a title with this team? I don’t know if, when I watch this tape (of practice drills) we may be less than 50 percent correct. We’re so far away.” Maybe they'll be too young to know any better. But with experienced teams like Pitt, Cincinnati, UConn and West Virginia to deal with, it's going to be tough.

John from Syracuse, N.Y. writes: Has there been any news about who Syracuse is getting to fill their open slot in their schedule with? I personally think that they should get the biggest name as possible because the Carrier Dome has been pretty empty the last couple seasons. If for no other reason, get more fans in the stands for one saturday during the season.

Brian Bennett: I wouldn't look for it to be a big name. Syracuse has played ambitious nonconference schedules every year -- too ambitious lately, in my opinion. I'm all for scheduling aggressively, but this is a program that needs to gain some wins and confidence to get back on track. With Washington, Boston College, Akron and Maine already on the nonconference slate, adding a beatable team -- even if that means a second FCS school -- could help the Orange creep toward bowl eligibility.

Jason from the USS HARRY S. TRUMAN writes: How bout this? Dump Notre Dame and Rutgers. Split from Catholic schools. BIG EAST NORTH: Pitt, Syracuse, UConn, WVU, Cincy & Louisville. BIG EAST SOUTH: USF, UCF, Houston, TCU, Memphis.

Brian Bennett: I don't really have a comment, since I'm about expansion-ed out at this point. I just think it's cool that somebody e-mailed me from a boat.