Has Louisville found a kicker?

A quick note as I continue to make my way to the Northeast.

I stopped by Louisville practice last night for a story I'm working on. The defense showed a little improvement, but still needs a lot of work. The offense wasn't as crisp as I saw it last week, but Bilal Powell had some very impressive runs. But the thing that stuck out to me the most was actually the kicking game.

Chris Philpott was absolutely crushing it on a day full of gusty winds. The team was going through overtime simulations, and Philpott had to kick in game-like conditions. He never missed, making them from 30, 37, 42, 51 and 56 yards, according to the team's stats. And every one was a no-doubter right down the middle.

Why is this important? Well, the Cardinals have had all kinds of field goal problems the past two years and have rotated between three kickers. Philpott came on at the end of last year and went 5-for-5 in his attempts. It was just one practice day, but if he can kick it like that this season, that's one less thing Charlie Strong will have to worry about.