Rob Lunn's International Bowl diary

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

Connecticut senior defensive linemen Rob Lunn took us behind the scenes of his team's trip to the International Bowl, and he wraps up his guest blogging with a look back at the Huskies' 38-20 win over Buffalo:

"Huge win. HUGE WIN. Where to start?

How about a career day for a future NFL running back?

Or the Jeckyll-Hyde dynamic of the first and second half?

I have never been in a locker room with as much excitement and adrenaline as I was in the Rogers Centre prior to taking the field for the start of the 2009 International Bowl. As a player, there have been big games (WVU 2007, Big East championship on the line) and not so big games (Sorry Hofstra). But the feeling before game was something different.

We knew we had something to prove. A combination of living up to the expectations we had set for ourselves and putting a stop to the second half of a season that found us going 2 -5 through the last seven. I hate to say it, but Buffalo never had a shot. They could have lined up the New England Patriots out there, there was no way we were going to lose this game.

All right, so I was a little nervous after five turnovers in the first half (you'd have to be emotionally stunted not to be). But it was a classic example of a team that wills itself to victory. Fans of UConn football might find some similarities between this team and the 2004 Motor City Bowl champion Huskies. Not in talent (Tyler Lorenzen is not Dan Orlovsky) but just like Toledo in 2004, Buffalo in 2009 was certain to meet the same fate.

And meet that fate they did. Yes, even after five turnovers.

How do you make up for five turnovers, that result in scores? Apparently the answer is to hand off to your NFL-bound (yes, it's official now) running back. What more can we say about Donny Brown? I'm going to go in a different direction that Coach Edsall, the whole "riding Donny the stallion" thing is a little off-putting. I will say that as a teammate, football player, and friend Donny is simply the best (cue Tina Turner).

Also, our defensive game plan was perfect. We knew what sets they were running and what plays were coming. Coach Todd Orlando is quickly becoming a hot commodity. Seriously, giving him four weeks to prepare for one game is almost not fair. He's that good. He lives on a strict regimen of diet soda and Skoal, and he is absolutely excellent at what he does.

When the dust (confetti) had settled, we had put an exclamation point on a truly amazing season. I hold a lot of fond memories from the last five seasons (conducting the band is in the top five). It was an amazing game and an amazing way to go out.

Time to go exchange all this Canadian monopoly money."