Rutgers' future on the line with expansion talk

The Star-Ledger's Tom Luicci had a very thorough story over the weekend looking at the possibility of Rutgers joining an expanded Big Ten.

The Scarlet Knights are one of the most frequently mentioned candidates for the Big Ten to poach, largely because of the program's location in a highly desirable TV marketplace. Luicci's story covers all of the basic grounds and also talks about how Rutgers and college sports themselves are at a crossroads.

In the article, a few school officials express skepticism about a potential move to the Big Ten.

Norman Glickman, a professor of planning and public policy at Rutgers, argued that a move to compete with bigger football programs would require spending even more money than the $102 million Rutgers has already committed to the recently completed stadium upgrades.

“The Big Ten wants its very big foot in the NY football market and it won’t get it playing in Piscataway. There will be big-time pressure to play in the Meadowlands and expand RU Stadium,” Glickman said in an e-mail. He added: “Football should not be the driver of Rutgers’ future. Where will the money come from? Another big bond issue? No way.”

We know that there are some in the Rutgers community who resent the movement toward big-time football. But if the Big Ten eventually does come calling, the Scarlet Knights will have little choice but to say yes.