Don't expect bombshells at spring meetings

Big East coaches and athletic directors will make their way to Ponte Vedra, Fla., this weekend for the league's spring meetings, which run from Monday to Wednesday.

This gathering shouldn't draw nearly as much media as the Big Ten meetings in Chicago earlier this week, but there will be a lot of interest to see if the Big East makes any noise about expansion.

That's the No. 1 topic for fans and reporters, and surely the coaches and ADs will be talking about it a lot in Florida. But expansion isn't officially on the agenda, and there's almost no chance that the Big East will announce its adding teams or reveal some sort of plan to prevent a Big Ten raid.

League spokesman John Paquette said that "there's always a discussion about membership issues, because we want to keep our hands on the pulse." And he added that league officials might react if there was some sort of breaking news about Big Ten expansion in the next few days.

But that doesn't appear to be the least bit likely, and the Big East is still in waiting mode, like every other conference except the Big Ten. The official business of the meetings, then, will be to discuss finances and budgets. The football coaches didn't traditionally go to this gathering, and they will have more formal meetings in August in Newport, R.I. But they go to Florida to discuss any NCAA legislation they may want to sponsor, because by August it's too late to get that ball rolling.

The meetings will be relaxed with some time on the golf course thrown in. Don't expect any major news to interrupt those tee times.