Big East mailblog

Let's end the week with one final glance into the mailbag.

Dave in Syracuse writes: Andrea, What's your take on Syracuse scheduling "home games " in NYC against USC, Notre Dame, and Penn State, and giving the true hometown fans Maine, Stony Brook, Colgate and Akron? Thinking on turning in my season tickets.

Andrea Adelson: Well, I can certainly understand why fans in Syracuse are upset. Nobody wants to pay good money to watch Maine or Stony Brook instead of USC and Notre Dame. To me these moves are in the name of business, expanding the program, and perhaps making access to games easier to Syracuse fans in the tri-state area. It also gives Syracuse an imprint into New York City as it seeks to truly establish itself as New York's team. Playing in Rutgers' backyard does not hurt, of course. Plus, it is sure to attract more media attention, because reporters in New York will have easier access to these games. Is it fair to those in Syracuse? No. It is not fair. But there is a bigger picture to keep in mind.

Newman in Cincinnati writes: Are the schedules for this year set in stone, or is there a chance for movement still? Specifically, I want to know if there is any chance Cincinnati will get Hawaii on the phone for one of their bye weeks like they did a few years ago.

Adelson: These schedules are set. Cincinnati only wanted a seventh home game, so you can bet if there was a better option than scheduling a second FCS team, the Bearcats would have taken it.

Christopher Adamek in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., writes: I'm a recent transfer student from NY and next year will be my third and final year here at Pitt. I have, however, been following Pitt athletics for a little over seven years or so. With that said, thank God we got out of the Big East and into the ACC. The level of competition is just exceedingly better and the revenue it will bring in is positive also. But I guess there is also a silver lining: the loss of the Backyard Brawl. Now I hate WVU. There is no good that West Virginia has produced for this country besides a mediocre football movie in "We Are Marshall." But what I don't understand is how the Backyard Brawl game is going to get taken away. Is it not possible for both Pitt and WVU to replace one of their games earlier in the season (say Gardner-Webb for Pitt and JMU for WVU) with an in conference game and then in week 12 (Thanksgiving week) schedule the Backyard Brawl for Black Friday? Or is this just mentally impossible for either of the "genius" A.D.s to figure out?

Adelson: If only it were that simple, Christopher. Both teams are going to be playing nine-game league schedules, which leads me to believe that each will want to get as many home nonconference games as possible. Not to mention more "winnable" games because they will have an added conference game. You saw West Virginia dump Florida State instead of James Madison this year in its move to the Big 12. I don't know if we have seen the last Backyard Brawl, but I just don't see it being an annual game because of scheduling logistics. Maybe both sides can work something out, but I haven't heard much hope from either athletic director. Especially with Pitt adding Penn State in 2016 and 2017.

Mike G. in Short Hills, N.J., writes: Hey Andrea! So I noticed your post about questioning whether Rutgers (and the other three teams) should receive support from the Big East regarding the loss of one home game. One thing I think is interesting about the whole situation is the teams involved -- two teams are leaving the conference and the other two were pushing hard to head to the ACC, too. Do you think it's just a coincidence?

Adelson: Yes, it is a coincidence. TCU's Big East schedule was announced in August 2011 -- way, way before any of the realignment changes shook up the league.

H.LandPitt in Schlitsburgh writes: You are an absolute atrocity in the name of journalism; have been factually wrong and overall-bias in your reporting of the Big East. Not to mention, you seem to have some vendetta against my Panthers. Well, next year, I wont have to read your crappy BE Beat Blog.

Adelson: Point out the mistakes, and I will fix. I always do. As for moving on, I am sure HD will make all your wildest dreams come true. But while you wait, thought maybe you missed this. And this. And this.