Your favorite B1G road stadiums, Part II

Thanks again for the responses about your favorite Big Ten road stadiums. It's clear you're ready for the season to start already. If you missed Part I of the responses, check 'em out.

Here are some more ...

Fan: Jordan

Hometown: Coralville, Iowa

Big Ten affiliation: Iowa

Favorite road stadium: Beaver Stadium

Rationale: The student section was in a whiteout and man was it loud in there. Even with the size of the place, it seemed like you were right on top of the field. The Horseshoe is a close second for me. Nebraska's Memorial Stadium is third ... unfortunately. What's the deal with all the neck beards? (Editor's note: Not sure, Jordan, but when I think of great neck beards, former Purdue quarterback and Iowa native Kyle Orton tops my list).

Fan: Douglas

Hometown: San Antonio

Big Ten affiliation: Illinois

Favorite road stadium: Ohio Stadium

Rationale: Block I made a trip there in 2007 (Illini 28, No. 1 Bucks 21) and we could not have been treated better by the Buckeye fans as we left the stadium. During the game, the stadium was the loudest sporting event I have ever experienced, beating out Soldier Field during an NFC championship game. I know you're asking for the best but the worst has to be Camp Randall. The ***hole chants are unoriginal and embarrassing for everybody.

Fan: M

Hometown: Detroit

Big Ten affiliation: Michigan State

Favorite road stadium: Ryan Field

Rationale: I guess if this is purely based on stadiums, Ryan Field is not that great, but I'm basing it around the entire road game experience. For starters, the campus at Northwestern is the most beautiful I have seen (sadly, including my beloved East Lansing). Being right on the lake certainly does not hurt. Most importantly, it's an easy commute from Chicago so my entire weekend is far more enjoyable. The stadium is very small, but the open concept makes it feel more like old-school football before schools started expanding stadiums and cramming as many people in that the stadium could structurally hold. And it doesn't hurt that every time I've gone the stadium has been 50 percent to 60 percent Spartan fans!

Fan: Jesse

Hometown: Minneapolis

Big Ten affiliation: Minnesota

Favorite road stadium: Michigan State

Rationale: It's nice to see upgrades coming. Hopefully this includes concourses (they left a little to be desired). Inside, however, is where it's all at. I definitely love the enclosed bowl setting as it provides a more intimate environment - sound stays in which helps with home-field advantage. As impressive as the 100,000-seat stadiums are, Spartan Stadium definitely has that B1G feel and spirit with their excited fans (and three large video boards).

Fan: Enrique

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Mich.

Big Ten affiliation: Michigan State

Favorite road stadium: Kinnick Stadium and Nebraska's Memorial Stadium

Rationale: I've been to the following schools for games: Michigan, Penn State, Northwestern, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. In terms of just the stadium, I will rank Nebraska and Iowa at the top. Nebraska's stadium is stunning from the outside, is definitely among the best from the inside with its massive screen which sits opposite from the visitor section. Iowa's I'll also highly rank purely for the reason that the visitor fan section is right at ground level and right next to the visiting team's tunnel (which is true for Ryan Field, but come on). Beaver Stadium, while impressive due to its immensity, was a bit of an overrated experience. Wisconsin needs those new screens soon.

Fan: Eric

Hometown: Jackson, Ohio

Big Ten affiliation: Iowa

Favorite road stadium: Ross-Ade Stadium

Rationale: No better handicap parking anywhere in the league, great seats at bargain prices (last time in the fourth row behind the Iowa Bench @ the 40 for $23 each) and a meal at Parky's Smokehouse in Lebanon, Ind. It isn't Kinnick or Camp Randall, but bang for the buck unbeatable.

Fan: Joe

Hometown: Bettendorf, Iowa

Big Ten affiliation: Purdue

Favorite road stadium: Kinnick Stadium

Rationale: The entire atmosphere surrounding Hawkeye football is impressive. The tailgate scene is a spectacle and absolute blast to be around. The stadium experience does not disappoint either as they are always playing enthusiastic music that encourages crowd involvement and cool and innovative stadium designs involving the fans shirts in specific sections. The fans are die-hard, love to participate, and love football which makes a scene I envy as a die-hard Boilermaker fan.