Spartans new favorite in writers' poll

I demand a recount!

That's what Cleveland.com's Doug Lesmerises basically said after Braxton Miller's injury. He annually conducts the only thing close to a preseason Big Ten poll by asking beat writers around the league to pick their order of finish for the season.

When that poll came out in July, Ohio State was the overwhelming favorite over defending champion Michigan State, earning 19 of a possible 29 votes. But Lesmerises asked the writers to vote again after learning Miller was lost for the season. And what a difference that news made.

In the new poll, released earlier today, 22 of 25 voters (four from the original poll didn't respond to his request) now pick Michigan State as the Big Ten champion. Ohio State received just one vote, while Nebraska and Michigan tallied one each as well.

It's no big surprise, as the Buckeyes' odds to win the league and the national title have plummeted in sports books since the Miller news broke. But now we have something close to an official poll telling us that the Spartans are now your 2014 Big Ten favorite. As some would argue they should have been all along.