HOF ballot includes 19 from Big Ten

I just realized that during my brief foray into Big Ten hoops, I forgot to post the complete list of candidates on the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame ballot. My bad.

Not surprisingly, the Big Ten is well represented with 16 former players and three former head coaches. The league has five players on the ballot for the first time -- Iowa tight end Marv Cook, Michigan tackle Jumbo Elliott, Illinois defensive tackle Moe Gardner, Ohio State running back Eddie George and Penn State guard Steve Wisniewski -- as well as one former coach, Wisconsin's Barry Alvarez. The ballot also includes two former Heisman Trophy winners from the Big Ten: Michigan's Desmond Howard and Ohio State's Eddie George.

Nine of the 11 conference schools are represented (Minnesota and Northwestern don't have candidates this year).

Check out the full ballot, and here's the Big Ten contingent:


  • Otis Armstrong, Purdue, Running Back, 1970-72

  • Dave Butz, Purdue, Defensive Tackle, 1970-72

  • Marv Cook, Iowa, Tight End, 1985-88

  • D.J. Dozier, Penn State, Running Back, 1983-86

  • Jumbo Elliott, Michigan, Offensive Tackle, 1984-87

  • Dave Foley, Ohio State, Offensive Tackle, 1966-68

  • Moe Gardner, Illinois, Defensive Tackle, 1987-90

  • Eddie George, Ohio State, Running Back, 1992-95

  • Kirk Gibson, Michigan State, Wide Receiver, 1975-78

  • Mark Herrmann, Purdue, Quarterback, 1977-80

  • Desmond Howard, Michigan, Wide Receiver, 1989-91

  • Robert Lytle, Michigan, Running Back, 1974-76

  • Tom Nowatzke, Indiana, Fullback, 1961-64

  • Jim Otis, Ohio State, Fullback, 1967-69

  • Percy Snow, Michigan State, Linebacker, 1986-89

  • Steve Wisniewski, Penn State, Offensive Guard, 1985-88


  • Barry Alvarez: Wisconsin (1990-2005)

  • William "Lone Star" Dietz: Washington State (1915-17), Purdue (1921), Louisiana Tech (1922-23), Wyoming (1924-26), Haskell Indian Inst., Kan (1929-32), Albright, Pa. (1937-42)

  • Darryl Rogers: Cal State-Hayward (1965), Fresno State (1966-72), San Jose State (1973-75), Michigan State (1976-79), Arizona State (1980-84)