Purdue selects six captains for 2010 season

Purdue officially wraps up spring practice Wednesday, but the team has voted on six co-captains for the 2010 season. The six captains marks the most in Purdue history, surpassing the five selected in 1992.

Drum roll, please ...

Some predictable choices here, including Werner, who also served as a captain in 2009. Werner received a sixth year of eligibility from the NCAA in February and told me he hoped to serve as a captain again this fall.

"With another year of experience and now that it’s official that I’m the oldest guy on the team, it's one of those things I'd like to take," he said in late February. "You’ve been around the most, you've seen the most, so you've got the most information to give and help the other guys. I really take that on as a personal challenge to do what I can."

Smith missed spring ball following wrist surgery but spent time coaching the other wide receivers. He brings good vocal leadership to the table.

It's not a surprise at all that quarterback Robert Marve wasn't named a captain, as he hasn't played a game for Purdue yet. But all indications this spring suggested Marve, who had his troubles at Miami, is establishing himself as a leader on offense and earning his teammates' respect.