Note on Nebraska's Big Ten voting situation

Since Nebraska's official arrival with the Big Ten on Friday, several folks have asked about what power the Huskers now have or will have in the league.

This is relevant because as the Big Ten continues to study expansion and the potential of adding more members, there could be another vote from the league's Council of Presidents/Chancellors.

Joe from Downers Grove, Ill., writes: Hi Adam, one detail I was wondering about the vote of the Council of Presidents/Chancellors to accept new members - does the addition of Nebraska change the number of "yes" votes needed to gain admission to the Big Ten? Is it a strict number or phrased as "minimum 70% of the schools" or something similar?

I've clarified a few things regarding Nebraska from folks in the Big Ten office:

  • Nebraska doesn't become a full voting member of the Big Ten until July, 1, 2011, at which time chancellor Harvey Perlman will have a seat on the Big Ten's Council of Presidents/Chancellors.

  • Nebraska's addition doesn't change the way teams are admitted to the Big Ten -- applicants still need at least 70 percent approval from the COP/C -- but it will change the number of yes votes required. After July 1, 2011, applicants will need at least 9 of 12 votes (75 percent) to be admitted.

  • If the Big Ten votes on an applicant before July 1, 2011, Nebraska won't be part of the process and the previous format applies. The applicant would need eight of 11 votes to be admitted.

Hope this helps.