Purdue's Marve named No. 1 QB for camp

Robert Marve didn't come to Purdue to sit on the bench.

Despite his troubles at Miami, Marve always had the pedigree and talent to be a starter for a major college program. And to the surprise of nobody, he's getting that chance for the Boilermakers.

Purdue on Tuesday named Marve as its No. 1 quarterback entering preseason camp, which kicks off Aug. 6. Marve, who sat out the 2009 season after transferring from Miami (he also had a torn ACL), shared first-team snaps with sophomore Caleb TerBush this spring.

Although both quarterbacks had their moments -- TerBush actually outperformed Marve in the spring game -- Marve always had been the heavy favorite to claim the starting job. Barring a hiccup in camp, he'll take the first snaps for Purdue on Sept. 4 at Notre Dame.

Here's a statement from head coach Danny Hope:

“We like everything about Robert -- his ability to throw the football, run with the football and lead our team from the quarterback position -- and we want him to begin practice with the mindset that he is the guy. Knowing Robert and his competitiveness, he will not take this decision for granted and, if anything, it will make him more determined than ever to solidify the starting position."

And from Marve:

"Last month, I had the opportunity to meet Drew Brees, Len Dawson and Bob Griese and learn more about the quarterback tradition at Purdue. Now to have the chance to join that fraternity means a lot of me and gives me a great sense of responsibility. I am looking forward to the start of training camp and working with my teammates to have a great season."

Again, this is not a surprise at all. Marve certainly has a chance to be a special quarterback at Purdue, which boasts a lot of weapons on offense heading into 2010. Talent never will be an obstacle for him. But after what happened at Miami, Marve must continue to show he's a more mature and capable leader both on and off the field.

All the early indications about Marve at Purdue have been positive, but until the games begin along with the inevitable ups and downs, the character questions will remain.

I'll have more on this after talking with Marve this afternoon, so stay tuned.