Big Ten lunch links: Delany not discouraged

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

Here's your final in-season edition of links. Enjoy.

"You look at it and ask: Did the players play hard, and were they prepared?" Delany asked. "Yes and yes. You know what? SC's a better football team. In all of the [bowl] games I've watched, I'm seeing us get beat by better teams. Then you say: Why is that? I don't have a great answer other than to say that these things tend to be cyclical."

  • After an up-and-down season, Ohio State left tackle Alex Boone enters the spotlight one last time tonight as he tries to keep All-American Brian Orakpo from digesting Terrelle Pryor, Doug Lesmerises writes in The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

  • Both Ohio State and Texas have something to prove tonight, Ken Gordon writes in The Columbus Dispatch.

  • His argument seems a bit extreme, but the Detroit Free Press' Drew Sharp recaps the Big Ten's bowl struggles and squashes the lame excuse about the location of postseason games.

"Everybody's grown tired of the standard Big Ten lament that its 24-37 bowl record this decade is reflective of an unfair travel disadvantage."

I know I have.