Jim Harbaugh keeping 'an eye on' newborn namesake

Lani Fettig decided last summer that she wanted to find a sports-related name that started with “H” for her fourth son. As lifelong Michigan fans from the state’s Upper Peninsula, Harbaugh was the obvious choice for the newest addition to the Fettig family.

Harbaugh Fettig was born on Sept. 1, 2016, and not long after was snuggled up next to a Wolverines football. The Fettig family sent a birth announcement to Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh earlier this month, and the coach gave his social media seal of approval for the new fan’s first name earlier this week.

Gregg Fettig, Harbaugh’s father, said he remembers watching Jim Harbaugh as a quarterback at Michigan in the 1980s and liked the idea of a good, tough football name for his son. It fits with the theme he and his wife established with their three other boys. His oldest, Hogan, is named after former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan. Colt and Case got their names from the quarterbacking McCoy brothers who both started at Texas.

“We didn’t want to go with really eccentric names, but I’m a football guy and a college football guy,” he said. “… I asked my wife, ‘What about Harbaugh?’ and she loved it.”

Lani’s father worked for the state police in Ypsilanti, Michigan, (next door to Ann Arbor) and covered a few Wolverines games. Both have been Michigan fans for as long as they can remember.

Fettig is a high school principal in St. Ignace, Michigan, and said several of his students have stopped him in the hallways this week to make sure he knew that Harbaugh was tweeting about his new son. A lot of the employees at LaSalle High School are Michigan State alumni or Spartan fans. The new name hasn’t been so popular with some of them. Fettig said some of them have refused to let that name slip from their lips.

“Well, that’s OK,” he told them. “You can call him by his nickname.”

“What’s his nickname, then?” they asked.

Bo, of course.