Michigan comes in at No. 8 in Prestige Rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

ESPN's Prestige Rankings have moved on to Nos. 6-10, and college football's winningest program appears at No. 8.

Michigan is the 10th Big Ten team to appear in the rankings. Ohio State is somewhere in the top 5, which will be revealed Friday.

The Wolverines are boosted by bowl appearances and long stretches of being ranked among the Top 10 in the polls. They reached 33 consecutive bowls and had 23 consecutive winning seasons until going 3-9 last fall.

Their lack of national championships (2 since 1936, when the Prestige Rankings begin) and a moderate downturn since the 1997 title hurt their Prestige Ranking. When Michigan starts beating Ohio State and winning bowl games again, especially the Rose Bowl, it will undoubtedly rise in the rankings.