Big Ten lunch links: Buckeyes wait on Hall

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

Saturday, wait. And Sunday always comes too late. But Friday, never hesitate ...

"The geography of this year's class shows the shift in approach. There are six players from Florida, more than any other state, two from Arizona, one from Oklahoma, one from Louisiana and another from New Jersey. These were states that were only hit on occasion by the previous staff."

"So is Holmes a good guy or a bad guy? People are clearly much more complex than that. But when I see Holmes' comments about he once 'found cocaine in my dump truck when I was a kid, which was the worst thing ever,' I instantly realize this is a man who had to escape situations and exorcise demons I never faced in my own stable family background.

'Either you go to sell drugs or you play football,' Holmes said this week, describing his neighborhood. 'You're going to do sports or you're going to be on the corner.'"