Canes cash in on OSU special-teams woes

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Fact No. 1: Lamar Miller is fast.

Fact No. 2: Ohio State's special teams are a mess.

The result was an 88-yard kickoff return to the end zone that gave Miami its first lead at 6-3. Miller sliced through the Buckeyes, who looked completely disorganized on the play.

It's amazing to write this about a Jim Tressel-coached squad, but special teams are Ohio State's biggest weakness right now. From the Iowa game to the Rose Bowl to last week's opener against Marshall, the Buckeyes have had a series of major breakdowns.

Ohio State appeared to redeem itself on the ensuing kickoff, as Jaamal Berry only had the kicker to beat before falling into teammate Nate Oliver. Berry could have been gone, so the Buckeyes are leaving too many points on the field right now.

Miami leads 7-3 with 4:34 left in the first quarter.