Checking in with ... Michigan's Calvin Magee, Part II

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

Here's the second half of my interview with Michigan offensive coordinator Calvin Magee.

How is Carlos Brown doing coming off the broken finger?

Calvin Magee: He'll be in camp, ready to go, yes.

And then up front, there are some questions about depth. What are you looking for from the offensive line in practice?

CM: We've got to get the young kids in here real early and get them going, which is a big plan for us. I was really excited about them leaving spring, with the guys that competed. We lack a lot of experience across the board, but they did everything we asked them to do in spring, and I couldn't be more pleased leaving spring with their efforts. I've got some positions we need to get more depth at, but I like the guys we got.

There's been so much talk about players' conditioning and the strides made this summer. Is that most important for the offensive linemen, given what you ask them to do?

CM: It was huge for them to get in shape and stronger. Looking at their bodies, they've all done that. We don't give them that eight, nine seconds of rest in that huddle. They've got to get going and be in shape and be able to go fast and line up and play. They've all responded to that, and I'm excited.

At wide receiver, do you lean on a guy like Greg [Mathews] with some experience, or are you really looking heavily to the young guys?

CM: I look at the guys that played. Greg played last year, [Junior] Hemmingway played a little bit last year, Toney [Clemons] played. Right now, those are the guys with the experience coming in, but we've got a couple guys like [Zion] Babb and [LaTerryal] Savoy and a couple of young kids that we feel real good about that came on in the spring at the end. That's again going to be a position where it's not settled at all, but we know who are the experienced guys, who did what in the spring, and we're going to throw the young kids in there really early and let it all work itself out.

How did [Darryl] Stonum look coming out the spring?

CM: I was excited about him. Coming in in January really benefited him a great deal. His body's changed. He's a fast guy that can catch the ball, so I'm hoping he's one of the guys that comes along. But he's been here. He was here in the spring, so he's got a big head-start on the assignment part of it all. Now he's not like a chicken with his head cut off, he can kind of relax and just play, not think so much.

Rich [Rodriguez] mentioned how he just wanted to move on from everything at West Virginia, to not have it as a distraction. What have you seen from him the last few weeks, since the settlement?

CM: I'm sure it is for him. I can get into that and talk 30 minutes now, all the crazy stuff. But the best part of Rich, even when it was all going on, every day he was there, taking care of business every day. It never (affected) these kids, so now that it's gone, it's hard to answer that. I know he's glad it's behind him, but we didn't see him a whole lot different because he was still leading us like he always has.

Were you disappointed in the way things turned out for him, or are you glad it's over?

CM: The main thing was we stayed focused on what we had to do here every day. Yeah, I think it was unfair. I don't mind saying that. But it's over with and we've got to move forward now. That's the direction we're going.