Big Ten in the polls

Thanks to do-it-all quarterback Denard Robinson, Michigan is back in the national rankings.

The Wolverines (2-0) rose to No. 20 in the AP Poll and No. 22 in the Coaches' Poll after their dramatic win at Notre Dame.

Ohio State stayed at No. 2 in both polls, receiving five first-place votes in the AP and four first-place votes in the Coaches'. Both the Buckeyes and top-ranked Alabama are well ahead of No. 3 Boise State, which was hurt by Virginia Tech's collapse Saturday.

Iowa remained No. 9 in the AP poll but amazingly dropped to No. 10 in the Coaches' despite clobbering Iowa State 35-7 on Saturday. Can't explain that one, and I'm sure Hawkeyes fans are feeling disrespected. My advice: go crush Arizona on the road this week and all will be well.

Wisconsin is No. 11 in both polls after a lackluster win against San Jose State.

Penn State dropped six spots to No. 20 in the Coaches' Poll following its loss to Alabama. The Lions fell four spots to No. 22 in the AP Poll. The Coaches' ranking always for Penn State had been inflated, so the Lions are about where they should be now.

Michigan State and Northwestern are receiving votes in both polls.