Rodriguez's plan working with Tate Forcier

As I watch Tate Forcier lead the Michigan offense up and down the field against Bowling Green, I can't help but think that Rich Rodriguez's plan has worked to perfection.

Rodriguez clearly wasn't happy with Forcier in preseason camp, stripping the wings off of his helmet in practice. The coach couldn't have been happy with Forcier at the end of the Connecticut game, as the sophomore sat alone on the bench with a towel over his head despite a 30-10 victory. Forcier's comment about "I'm out" couldn't have sat well, either.

By playing true freshman Devin Gardner ahead of Forcier, Rodriguez sent another message to No. 5. And so far today, Forcier has responded extremely well, completing his first 12 pass attempts for 110 yards and a touchdown.

As good as Gardner will be some day, Michigan is a better team with Forcier as its backup quarterback. He started all 12 games last season and really did some good things on the field, especially for a true freshman. People can question Forcier's conduct, but he was a pretty darn good quarterback for Michigan at times in 2009.